Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP)

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Hallett Leadership has developed the Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) to target your leadership bench – typically middle management at the director and manager level. Leadership development at these levels allows your company to foster collaboration and alignment across your business, and help drive your bottom line.

In a world of continual disruption, organizations must be extremely agile, able to adapt to constantly changing circumstances and more complex business challenges. Almost every organization, large or small, asks the strategic question:

“Where do we need to be in five years?”

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent with consultants to address areas such as Brand Loyalty, Innovative Strategies and Customer Satisfaction to promote long-term thinking. Yet even the most innovative strategies often fail to get implemented because we fail to ask the most important question:

“Who will lead us to this idyllic future?”
Typically, we hope that our young managers will magically develop into stalwart leaders. Some companies get proactive and send them to expensive MBA programs, which isolates a very few people and provides no real momentum to the organization. Other companies administer 1-3 day classes, but no real change is achieved because true learning and application require longer time periods to achieve mastery.

We conducted ALP courses at 20th Century Fox for more than 15 years, touching about 200 executives and future leaders. The results have far exceeded other types of Leadership Development, and we believe contributed to reduced turnover among these key employees. Employers who invest in and develop their leaders generate tremendous loyalty and commitment to the organization’s mission.

Some believe leadership is an innate quality, but we have seen monumental changes to leadership ability in the ALP program. Participants must face challenges and find ways to push through, allowing them to experience their personal power, and the results can be transformational. Both participants and their managers have been astounded at the growth attained through the program, and participants typically complete the program with the confidence that they can tackle any business challenge.
ALP is multi-dimensional, including rapid-learning experiential exercises, classroom training, personality assessment workshops, and presentations. The program encompasses nine months, with the 25 to 30 participants continuing to perform in their current roles.
Our approach provides a tremendous opportunity for self-discovery that enables participants to get in touch with their authentic selves and find their voices. It is our experience that teams with these enhanced skills have a greater ability to influence the organization and drive profitability

Focus on bringing the group together and building a sense of accountability and responsibility for the group as whole.


Drive team members to identify their individual value and demand the best of themselves and each other.


Assign projects to address real-world company and/or industry challenges that the team presents to senior management.

Build Momentum
Sample of key learnings:
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Maximizing Profitability
  • Communication Styles
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Promoting Trust and Mutual Respect to Solve Problems
  • Accountability and Responsibility in Our Lives and the Workplace
  • Building the Best Teams
  • Collaboration and High Performance “Together We Are Better”

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