An Authentic Leadership Practical Approach In 3 Simple Steps

When you hear the phrase authentic leadership – and it gets used so often today – you might get images of famous charismatic leaders from history coming to mind. Maybe superheroes, maybe a legendary coach, like Knute Rockne or Vince Lombardi…

(For some of the millennials out there, I’m probably dating myself.)

However, inspiring as these images of authentic leadership may appear, without a practical approach to authentic leadership, it can be easy to get discouraged from even undertaking the journey.

Here, we’re going to share some practical ideas on how you can approach the process of developing into an authentic leader.

1) Establish A Vision Of Yourself As An Authentic Leader


Here is a simple and very important place to begin: establish a vision of yourself as an authentic leader.

Your vision need not be elaborate. In fact, the simpler the better.

For me, my vision for over four decades has been this:


I’m a powerful, compassionate, open leader.


In my life and career, I have found that when I bring the qualities of my vision to the forefront, I create a deeper level of engagement with my team.

So what are some qualities your vision could contain?

Are you compassionate? Are you serving others as a servant leader? Are you an inspirational leader?

Articulate those elements that are key for you to bring to the forefront, to engage your team.


2) Set Goals To Achieve The Vision


Once you have the vision, then you can set up some goals to make sure that you’re actually achieving the vision. You can actually make sure that you’re practicing the authentic leader you have imagined.

Developing a new habit requires awareness and practice. Your vision, ideally, stimulates your awareness. It is your goal, your true north. The gauge by which you measure your behavior, your performance, and all the feedback you are receiving from your environment. Through practice of new behaviors and new modes of operating that align with your vision, the traits and expressions of your authentic leadership idea will become new habits, becoming more natural and organic for you to express.

So set up some goals to achieve your vision of the authentic leader you intend to be.


3) Find a coach, a mentor, or an accountability partner


Find someone you trust and respect, whom you can work with to make sure that you’re staying on purpose, that you’re staying at cause as you strive to achieve your vision.

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That’s it for today. Best of luck!


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