C-Suite Coaching

Be The Organizational Change You Intend To Acheive

The Stakes Are High In The C-Suite

Everything you do sets the example. Every move you make influences the organization from top to bottom – whether you are aware of it or not.

You may speak often about your organization’s desired culture – but you will achieve it only when you embody it yourself. Your actions must match your words.

For example, a C-Suite leader might say mistakes are a good thing because they support learning, that the organizational culture should encourage people to fail fast and move on…

… then in practice, that leader becomes a tyrant when people make mistakes.

This is how leaders lose credibility with their people, like when an athletic coach “loses” the team – when people silently disengage and dismiss all talk of the desired culture as lip service.

C-Suite Coaching

A Higher Calling To Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership

Every word a C-Suite leader utters has a more dramatic effect on the company.

The outsized impact of a C-Suite leader’s words and actions transforms authenticity and leading by example into a higher calling.

Hallett Leadership provides C-Suite Coaching for both individuals and senior leadership teams. Our services are intended to transform C-Suite leadership teams into high-performance cohorts aligned around a common vision and set of principles.

Our personal experience in senior leadership has taught us that aligned activity out of the C-suite is essential for sustained success.

The Basic Premise of C-Suite Coaching with Hallett Leadership

While specific attention is given to individual development, attention is also given to how each individual works within the dynamic of the senior leadership structure. Finally, attention is given to the individual’s influence on the entire organization.

The process of C-Suite Coaching, which includes conversations and meetings, is designed to:

  • Expand self-awareness and self-knowledge – the key to a leader’s long term success. High emphasis on providing regular feedback and grounding C-Suite leaders in the shared reality of the entire organization.
  • Enhance the executive’s leadership skills for building an engaged and aligned organization that reflects a high-performance culture based on transparency, accountability and openness
  • Facilitate interactive goal planning and development tools with comprehensive resources
  • Support clients in inspiring high-performance behavior throughout the organization through development of individual transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity

C-Suite Coaching Methodology

Our “hands on”, available and proactive approach includes the following:

  • Weekly goal setting pertaining to personal development and high performance results - establishing checkpoints and coaching through to completion.
  • Executive communication directly with the coach (via Zoom) approximately 1-2 hours per week.
  • Indirect communication (emails or messages) an additional 1-2 hours every two weeks.
  • Available to executives in the event a special opportunity or crisis arises. While we are not executive hand-holders, we are committed to clearing, when appropriate, and moving on.
  • The precise amount of coaching time correlates to individual need, timing, and what is at stake. However, Hallett Leadership is rigorous in its respect for clients’ full schedules while remaining capable of facilitating increased performance in measurable ways.

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