Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP)

The World's Premier Middle Management Development Program

Drive Your Bottom Line… From The Inside-Out

Typically we assume our young managers will magically develop into stalwart leaders...
Some companies send managers to expensive MBA programs, isolating a few people and providing no real momentum to the organization
Other companies administer 1-3 day classes - but no change is achieved because true learning and application require longer time periods to attain mastery
Hallett Leadership’s Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) develops leaders who can empower and align your organization around a culture of openness, collaboration, creativity and innovation.

ALP targets your middle management leadership bench - typically director and manager level - over a period of 9 months to transform your company culture and elevate your team members into high performance leaders.

Hallett Leadership offers a virtual edition of ALP for workforces operating remotely.

A Proven & Effective Leadership Training Program

Employers who invest in their leaders generate tremendous loyalty and commitment to the organization’s mission.

We conducted ALP courses at 20th Century Fox for 15 years...
  • Developed 200 executives and future leaders
  • Resulted in fundamental culture shift toward organizational alignment and interdivisional collaboration
  • Graduating teams created game-changing innovations and presented insights to senior leadership
  • Substantially increased retention among developed leaders
  • Bring the group together and build a sense of accountability
  • Foster openness and trust
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for the group as a whole
  • Drive team members to identify their individual value
  • Coach team members to collaborate and demand the best of themselves and each other
  • Develop individual and team presentation and presence skills
  • Facilitate integration of program learnings into day-to-day activities
  • Assign projects to create solutions for real-world company and/or industry challenges
  • Present projects’ findings and innovations to senior management

See Monumental Changes To Managers’ Leadership Abilities in ALP

Participants can reasonably expect to achieve and experience the following:
  • Face challenges and find ways to push through, allowing an experience of personal power
  • Realize tremendous opportunities for self-discovery
  • Tap into authentic selves and find their voices
  • Become active and responsible stakeholders in your organization’s success
  • Complete program with confidence that they can tackle any business challenge

Build Momentum Toward New Company Direction

Sample of ALP’s key benefits:
  • Produces authentic leaders
  • Maximizes profitability
  • Improves communication
  • Fosters healthy conflict resolution as organizational cultural trait
  • Increases trust & mutual respect
  • Raises retention
  • Builds the best teams
  • Transforms an organization to one that embodies “together we are better” through collaboration and high performance

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The Missing Piece in most companies is developing and engaging leaders at all levels of the organization. Fill in your company's Missing Piece today and shift your entire organization into high performance!

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