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Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP)

Developed and taught by Dean Hallett for more than 15 years at a Fortune 500 company, the highly successful Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) develops enhanced leadership skills in high potential individuals, developing the next generation of leadership for organizations of all sizes.

Our nine-month ALP course provides a tremendous opportunity for self-discovery that enables participants to get in touch with their authentic selves and find their voice.  It is our experience that teams with these enhanced skills have a greater ability to influence the organization and drive profitability.

Now, for the first time ever, your organization can access this ALP program and use it to build your future leaders.

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Executive Coaching – One:One

Our focus in one-on-one coaching is individual leadership development at all levels, from mid-level to senior management in a range of industries.

Coaching sessions begin with detailed information gathering to assess the values and behaviors in play, allowing the coach and participant to set goals and build leadership skills relevant across the organization. Executive coaching includes job shadowing and regular follow up to assess progress, discuss challenges, and redirect approaches to obtain personal growth for the individual.

Hallett Leadership also specializes in coaching senior management.  In our experience, it is invaluable to have senior leaders understand how to demonstrate and reward positive behaviors as they develop future leaders in the organization.

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Leadership & High Performance Workshops

Incorporating leadership and development topics from our ALP program, Hallett Leadership offers one- to two-day workshops that reinforce learned leadership skills, renew vision and mission statements, and align teams to move in the same direction.

Our workshops show groups how to think differently and encourage participants to break out of their own silos. Participants use personal awareness and create insights and key distinctions, but the focus is on business application.

The result is critical mass moving in a collaborative direction to solve problems and share ideas that are consistent with the vision and goals of the company, and a team excited to engage in creative and innovative discussions around how to best move the organization forward.

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How Successful Companies Develop High-Performance Cultures

The Missing Piece in most companies is developing and engaging leaders at all levels of the organization. Fill in your company's Missing Piece today and shift your entire organization into high performance!

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