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Developing High Performance Cultures

Timing Is Key For Leadership Training

Outstanding individual performance is often the catalyst for promoting someone into management. Unfortunately, the capacity for strong individual performance alone is not a predictor of success as a leader.

While leadership training is relevant to everyone, at every stage of their career, the most strategic time for leadership training is at the moment individuals are promoted into management, and are beginning their journey as leaders of teams.
Manager Leadership Training Courses

It’s More Than Tactics & Skills

There are many leadership training products and services on the market. Many focus on important skills and tactics of leadership…

While leadership should certainly include skill development and impart useful techniques, the most impactful leadership development takes a holistic view toward leading teams…

… toward organizational transformation into high performance leadership at every level of the organization.

Manager Leadership Training Courses
  • Target leadership development that initiates an organization-wide pivot toward high performance.
  • Utilize leadership development as a springboard for aligning every individual in the organization toward a common vision.
  • Integrate leadership development into participants’ daily work activities, not after training is complete, but during the training period

A Few Benefits of Middle Management Training Courses with Hallett Leadership

While training with Hallett Leadership begins with individual participants, the aim of all of our leadership training is to shift the entire organizational culture into high performance…

Practically, this means increases in the following:


  • Robust horizontal communication
  • Collaborative working relationships


  • Achieving results through teams rather than through individual performance
  • Align your people around a common vision


  • The best ideas and best thinking from every member of your workforce, leading to profitable innovation.


  • Heightened  loyalty, allowing the company to become an industry talent magnet.

Leadership Course Offerings

Middle Management Development Workshop


This 2-day workshop initiates the process of high performance leadership, giving your team an experience of what fixed beliefs and behaviors are getting in your way, and a set of tools to shift your organization’s culture into high gear. It can be facilitated over a weekend.

Middle Management Development Workshop


The world’s premier leadership training program, with demonstrated results proven over 15 years at 20th Century Fox, forging collaborative, high performance leadership from within the middle tier of companies over the course of 9 months. Curriculum includes integration of knowledge into daily work activities.

Explore Middle Management

Training Courses With Hallett Leadership

Determine if your company is ready to initiate high performance at every level of the organization.


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How Successful Companies Develop High-Performance Cultures

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