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“You can’t fix the problems you’ve created by using the same thinking that got you here to begin with.” – Albert Einstein
Why Participate In the High Performance Leadership Seminar?

There are as many reasons to participate in this seminar as there are unique challenges in the workplace… but the common reason among all who attend is:

A desire to cause improvement in their organization right now.

Creating a different future for your organization means learning to think and act differently now. The High Performance Leadership Seminar is the opportunity to do just that, to STOP – LOOK – CHOOSE an improved future.



The High Performance Leadership Seminar is a far cry from a boilerplate business powerpoint presentation. It is a DISCOVERY process to equip you and your team to diagnose areas for improvement within your organization, and to devise strategies for achieving those improvements.

While our curriculum utilizes well-researched, successful business models, the real power lies in our STOP-LOOK-CHOOSE format.


Of course, busy executives have little or no time, which is exactly the reason for taking a couple of days to get away from the daily frenzy and look under the hood.


What is your current situation? What is your organization’s vision? What are your roadblocks and breakdowns? What opportunities are you missing? Are there ways to think differently without jeopardizing what I already have? Are others doing something that could help me, or our organization?


What can I change now? Long term? What are my values? How can I lead others more effectively?

Seminar Methodology

The interactive nature of the seminar accelerates learning curves and enhances application of lessons learned. The day unfolds in three stages:


We begin with a model developed by Harvard Business School to facilitate more productive meetings – a skill that can greatly enhance productivity immediately. We explore the use of personal awareness to discover sources of breakdowns at work and find new opportunities for growth.


Building upon our foundation, we advance to a powerful model for goal-setting, and explore effective strategies for empowering and developing our teams.


From this point, there is a constant flow of key subject matter designed for discovery and skill development . Some of these are:


  • Dimensions of Business Systems
  • Leadership Ability Assessment
  • General Adaptation Response in a Culture of Fear
  • Risk and High Performance
  • Maximizing Profitability
  • Perception and Performance
  • Effective Communication Techniques
  • Building Trust in an Organization
  • Authorship and Leadership
  • Recognizing Victim Cultures
  • Implementing Responsibility
  • Power and Influence in the Workplace
  • Leadership by Example
Seminar Benefits
and Results

The benefits of participating in our leadership development workshops directly translate into increased revenue and profits, decreased turnover, decreased wasted time doing the same thing over and over again, and less wasted money/productivity. These benefits include, and are not limited to, the following:

  • Enhanced innovation
  • More and better long-term problem-solving
  • New ideas
  • Improved communication
  • Techniques for team alignment
  • Self and staff development models
  • Leadership by example
  • Increased collaboration

As one senior executive recently said, “The High Performance Leadership Seminar had a profound effect on both the culture and results of our company. Teamwork and collaboration raised to a level substantially higher than ever before.”

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