Training Programs

High Performance Leadership at Every Level

Instead of investing in a single individual to get an MBA, which is not directly helping evolve a team…

Instead of a workshop that provides theory about doing things differently - only to be forgotten at the next crisis....

Hallett Leadership’s training programs employ the following strategy:

To initiate a process of developing a high performance culture across the entire organization

Training Programs with Hallett Leadership

Middle Management Development Workshop


This 2-day workshop initiates the process of high performance leadership, giving your team an experience of what fixed beliefs and behaviors are getting in your way, and a set of tools to shift your organization’s culture into high gear. It can be facilitated over a weekend.

Middle Management Development Program


The world’s premier leadership training program, with demonstrated results proven over 15 years at 20th Century Fox, forging collaborative, high performance leadership from within the middle tier of companies over the course of 9 months. Curriculum includes integration of knowledge into daily work activities.

A Few Benefits of Hallett Leadership’s Management Training Programs

Our middle management training programs ultimately provide the following foundational benefit to management and company:

Actionable research and insights from an internal team actively looking at the organization through a new lens. This new lens presents itself as the group’s mindset fundamentally shifts away from fixed beliefs, behaviors and assumptions.

Through participation, the team becomes more open and receptive to new ways of collaborating. Participants are typically mid-level managers drawn from different areas of the company who begin collaborating on ideas to be applied across the entire enterprise, rather than bringing biased points of view unique to individual departments.

Here are a few additional noteworthy benefits that Hallett Leadership’s management training programs impart to the individual, team and company:


  • Evolves into an  effective, collaborative leader
  • Adopts ownership of individual and team results
  • Develops strong personal relationships with leaders of every department


  • Establishes strong a level of mutual trust and respect among its cross-divisional members
  • Experiences higher levels of engagement


  • Develops high level of mutual trust across the entire organization
  • Experiences higher level of retention
  • Boosts internal creativity and innovation

Training Programs Based Upon The Discovery Model

Our middle management training programs use the Discovery Model as a framework for developing collaborative teams and, ultimately, organizations where high performance leadership exists at every level of the enterprise.

Leadership development through the Discovery Model can facilitate the following:
  • Enterprise-wide alignment around a common vision
  • Individuals become active and responsible stakeholders in your organization’s success
  • Transformation of training cohort into a high performance team, arriving at a new collaborative reality favorable to improved operations
  • Discovery, testing, and innovation of new ideas and modes of operating - remaining open to most useful new insights
Manager Training Programs

Explore Middle Management

Training Programs With Hallett Leadership

Determine if your organization is ready to initiate a new culture of high performance.


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