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Developing High Performance Teams

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago…
The second best time is now.

Chinese Proverb

Profiting On A Leadership Training Investment

Dear Senior Leader (CEO, SVP, Chairperson),

There never appears to be a good time to swing resources over to training and development, and challenge your team’s bandwidth available for work activities.

Fortunately, you don’t have to.

Leadership and development training does not need to consume massive amounts of your team’s bandwidth.

Instead of a prescriptive leadership workshop or rocking keynote address with revolutionary insights and tactics that your employees might forget in the crush of the day-to-day...

Hallett Leadership’s Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) integrates with executives’ and managers’ daily routines.

Consider Developing From The Inside - Out

Your people participate in your culture and daily workplace reality. They know better than any outside consultant or speaker what great would look like for your company culture.

Why not ask them?

Together, your people can collaborate on an inspiring new vision for your company…

… then your leadership training investment can make it a reality.

How Is It Done?

Your people don’t require a mandate for stronger leadership and a better culture...

...but a catalyst.
  • a leadership training investment that develops your people from within the cultural fabric of your organization
  • someone who can elicit from them the insights and opportunities that can positively transform your company, and which are currently hiding in plain sight
Dean Hallett | Leadership Development Facilitator

A Few Benefits of Our Leadership Development Programs

While leadership training with Hallett Leadership begins with individual participants, the aim of all of our leadership training is to shift the entire organizational culture into high performance…

Practically, this means increases in the following:


Your middle tier leaders develop robust horizontal communication and collaborative working relationships.


Trainees shift from getting results themselves to getting results through their teams.


Your company gets the best ideas and best thinking from every member of your workforce, leading to profitable innovation.


Investing in people develops loyalty. Over time the company can also become an industry talent magnet.

Our Leadership Training Journey

We teach through the Discovery Model. This means facilitating a quest where participants can venture beyond the realm of what they know, and more importantly beyond what they think they know.

Through a combination of behavioral science and experiential learning, participants are empowered to challenge the fixed beliefs and fixed behaviors they have formed over the years, and to begin a process where they can:
  • STOP automatic behavior and responses
  • LOOK at all the options available to the company
  • CHOOSE the best course of action in the moment
Middle Management Leadership Training

Leadership Training Offerings

This 2-day workshop initiates the process of high performance leadership, giving your team an experience of what fixed beliefs and behaviors are getting in your way, and a set of tools to shift your organization’s culture into high gear. It can be facilitated over a weekend.

The world’s premier leadership training program, with demonstrated results proven over 15 years at 20th Century Fox, forging collaborative, high performance leadership from within the middle tier of companies over the course of 9 months. Curriculum includes integration of knowledge into daily work activities.

Explore Inside-Out Leadership Training For Your Company

Empowering your people to achieve things together that they never imagined possible, and transforming your company into a place where high performance is the norm, begins with a leader at the top.


Hallett Leadership is at your service, and available to discuss what leadership training from the inside-out might look like at your company.

Thank you, and all the best,

Dean Hallett


How Successful Companies Develop High-Performance Cultures

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