Executive Coaching Program

One-on-One Development For High-Performance Leaders

Our Executive Coaching Philosophy

  • To develop the individual from the inside out,
    following the BE – DO – HAVE model.
  • To attain mastery through coaching and measuring progress with very tangible work-related results.
  • To engage with each individual, each team member, each priceless organizational asset in a proactive and caring manner.

Just as our Executive Development Programs differ significantly from most theoretical and/or talking-head consulting seminars, our Executive Coaching approach is also very unique.  Unfortunately, in today’s business environment, most executives have never been coached effectively and, therefore, must rely on their own intelligence, guile and intuition. In fact, there are usually a few simple techniques that can make all of the difference in the world.

An additional benefit to our Executive Coaching Program is that the executives become better coaches themselves by modeling our methods.

The Basic Premise

While specific attention is given to individual development, attention is also given to the individual’s function within the group – that is to say, attention is also given to how each of the individuals works within the dynamic of the organizational leadership structure.

The process of Executive Coaching, which includes conversations, shadowing and meetings, is designed to:

  • Expand self-awareness and self-knowledge – the key to a leader’s long term success
  • Enhance the executive’s leadership skills for building an engaged and aligned organization that reflects a performance culture based on transparency, accountability and openness
  • Develop a compelling professional/personal vision that is aligned with a clear understanding and appreciation of individual core values and the organization’s impetus to be “best company I ever worked for”


We execute our “hands on”, available and proactive approach by the following methodology:

  • Setting weekly goals pertaining to personal development and high performance results - establishing checkpoints and coaching through to completion
  • Executives communicate directly with their coach (face to face or by phone) approximately 1-2 hours per week.
  • Indirect communication (emails or messages) an additional 1-2 hours every two weeks.
  • Also available to executives in the event a special opportunity or crisis arises. While we are not executive hand-holders, we are committed to clearing, when appropriate, and moving on.
  • The precise amount of coaching time correlates to individual need, timing, and what is at stake. However, Hallett Leadership is rigorous in its respect for clients’ full schedules while remaining capable of facilitating increased performance in measurable ways.

Book a 20-minute exploratory call to determine if Hallett Leadership’s executive coaching service is the right fit for you, or for other leaders in your organization

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