How Can Authentic Leadership Be Enacted On A Virtual Team?

Over the past year, virtually every one of us has engaged in zoom meetings and virtual calls. Some for the first time ever. We understand the miracle of people being able to work together from remote locations, and what that has done for our businesses. Many businesses wouldn’t have survived without it. Therefore, in response to questioning on the subject, we’d like to address the question: how can authentic leadership be enacted on a virtual team”?

At the start, we acknowledge what most of us sense deep down: that no matter how good the technology for virtual meetings, there’s something about in-person interaction that virtual meetings can never replace. So then how can we inspire authentic leadership when we are working remotely as part of a team?

Here are a few ideas:


ONE: Establish A Vision With Your Team of How You’d Like To Perform Together


In addition to establishing a vision together, discuss what sort of remote team you would like to have. Get your people engaged, start a dialogue about it. In this case, people feel that they’re part of the process and they get to help set what the work environment is going to be like.


TWO: Ask People How They’re Doing


When you’re in group meetings, take time to ask people how they’re doing. Don’t be entirely transactional about everything. It’s important to know if they have something going on. Now, it might be something going on about the business or how a project is going, or it might be something in their personal life that maybe is weighing on them. It’s important to share those things and to create a safe environment for people to relate those things so that you can understand what’s really happening with the team and everyone can deepen their connections with each other.

THREE: Do Regular Individual Check Ins With Team Members


We know that no matter how safe you make the environment, no matter how much trust you create in the room, some people may still have issues or concerns that they’re uncomfortable sharing in a group setting. So be sure to check in with other members of your team. Ask them what’s going on on a one-on-one basis when the opportunity presents itself, or create the opportunity so that you can do that.




Each of these items is going to create a deeper level of engagement, a deeper level of connection, and a deeper level of trust among members of the team. This will keep the team working together. So inspire opportunities for the whole group to function together, and engage a paradigm that when one person wins, everybody on the team wins.

We sincerely hope we’ve adequately responded to the question of how can authentic leadership be enacted on a virtual team.

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