Too Scared To Give Feedback To Your Peers?

You may have noticed that we talk fairly frequently about feedback on the Hallett Leadership blog and YouTube channel

Today we’re going to talk about feedback. Again.

We have found over the years that many of us don’t willingly participate in giving and receiving feedback – even when presented with such opportunities in a safe environment (such as a work meeting or training session dedicated to the purpose).

We may fear angering someone we work with, or the prospect of being in the direct line of any negative blowback. It is very common for many of us to go through our days, weeks and years at work with a certain level of superficiality and a reluctance to fully show up as our authentic selves.

In reality, the refusal to engage in giving and receiving feedback can be a huge loss for the individual from whom we are withholding the feedback.

For my part, receiving feedback has repeatedly impacted my life for the better. One key instance happened early on in my career. I share the story in the video at the top of this article.

So going forward, remember these few principles of giving and receiving feedback.


  1. Allow yourself to show up to the exchange in a way that is honest, authentic, and vulnerable.
  2. Begin from a place of mutual trust and respect – or else the feedback may not be as likely to be heard.
  3. Come to the exchange with an intention for there to be mutual growth.
  4. Remember that you are not giving them advice about what they should do differently. Your only task is to give them a view into themselves that they may not have – not to criticize or launch an attack on who they are. You are only sharing your experience of them.

So, be authentic and tell someone what you see… and you may change their life.

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