When To Use An Executive Coach: Reliable Competence to Sustained High Performance

When To Use An Executive Coach

If you’re pondering when to use an executive coach, we offer that executive coaches are best used to shift a proven, competent performer into a high performance leader. With this aim in mind, we offer a few optimal scenarios through which senior leadership, or the executive him or herself, may engage a coach to initiate this process of graduating from competence to sustained high performance.

In this conversation about when to use an executive coach, we’ll start off by saying that hiring a coach to deal with under-performance or derailing behavior is no longer the primary reason (or even a desirable reason at all).


 Retaining An Executive In A Competitive Environment


The scarcity of high-performance managerial talent in the present economy is already well-known and documented. Part of this relates to the mass exodus of baby boomers from the workplace. Another key factor is that the world, and the global economy itself, has become increasingly volatile and ambiguous. In response to this, executives are required to learn, adapt, and operate at higher levels of leadership and nuance than ever before.

The shortage of high-performance managerial talent relative to demand affects companies in many ways, but particularly in the domain of retention. In terms of opportunities in the marketplace, strong executives may at times be perceived to have the pick of the litter. Companies that do not proactively express their regard for an executive’s ability and presence on the team risk losing that executive to a competitor with a better offer. It is far better then to offer a bona-fide investment in your executive talent development and invite these individuals into the very heart of your team and organizational culture.


Developing Resilience In Challenging Times


Many executives have a carefully cultivated image that they present to the world: an image of being able to handle everything that comes at them. They have maintained and reinforced this perception by delivering results. While many executives today understand that sustaining high performance means prioritizing self-care and resilience through things like healthy diets, ample sleep, and recreational activity, it is too easy to assume from outward appearances that these executives are thriving at a personal level. In our coaching, we have found that appearances don’t necessarily correlate with reality, and that resilience development is always important, and particularly important during challenging times.

Executives are human beings. No matter how capable they are, they are subject to the effects of stress and emotional burnout. Particularly during times such as the present coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, even if an executive appears to have everything under control, investigate how they are doing at a personal level. While many executives would be, understandably, unwilling to let their guard down, consider engaging an effective executive coach in order to provide that person with a sounding board. Someone who is in their corner and has their best interests at heart. This effort can do a great deal to develop the resilience necessary to head off anxiety, stress-related influences, and burnout.


Supporting Significant Organizational Adaptation


Our present slate of executive coaching clients share a common struggle: helping their organizations navigate uncertain and uncharted territory as industries and market segments shift in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Executives are being called upon to formulate and respond with new, sometimes unproven strategies and approaches, even new thinking, under pressing time constraints. In circumstances like these, the executive stands to benefit from as much neutral perspective, dialogue, and ideation as possible.

Now is a great time to swing support to your key executives by pairing them with an effective and experienced coach.




We hope this article has been helpful in discerning a few scenarios of when to use an executive coach. We wish you and your organization the best of luck in weathering the present storm, and coming storms, and bringing your entire organization into a new paradigm of collaboration and success. Please get in touch if you would like to explore the possibilities of executive coaching in your workplace.


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